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A color-coded filter method & gamification model for user-generated categorization.

⬡ Creating categories for capsules

A capsule [ ⬡ ] is a folder of user-generated content created around brands. This content is uploaded, tagged and shared using their social media platform. After analyzing content uploaded by users of all interests, we created a 7 category filter model for capsules that can fulfill categorization for every piece of content uploaded to the web.

⬢ Giving capsules color

After the birth of these categories, we assigned each one with a distinct and associative color. The process included research of user demographics, color theory and testing— arriving at a unique system which allows users to categorize, filter and search for their favorite content using the 7 color spectrum.

By utilizing the back-end auto-tagging action within the builder to assign content to categories, we enabled the growth of a viable, visual emotional profile by how the user uploads, categorizes and tags their content. The emotional profile gives users a representation of their virtual personality by reflecting their content back to them with color mapping, as well as visualizing how they connect with others through location color mapping and connectivity.

The category color filter model lets users manifest their virtual persona by creating a fun way to force-categorize content and opens up ways to new data through visual emotional analytics.