Designing intuition into digital wedding collaboration.


Prepaired is a wedding collaboration platform that matches Couples, Vendors, and Venues through shared traits and preferences. Prepaired matches using their Expert Algorithm - based from 30 years of experience in the wedding industry. With decades of knowledge and expertise, Prepaired aims to make weddings easier.

Quick Facts

Industry: Wedding Technology

Company: Privately Held

Customers: Couples, Vendors, Venues


Prepaired had a successful reputation, but needed an intuitive way to increase early adopters as they ramped up the launch of their platform. To increase adoption, my challenge was to improve the usability of the minimum viable product for 2 user groups, Couples and Vendors.


I interviewed more than 35 couples and vendors and found that the original onboarding steps lacked guidance and clarity, causing over 80% of participants to drop off before completion. I developed a strategy to optimize the experience by simplifying intricate tasks into meaningful success states, uplifting users with targeted messaging, and providing the brand with a motivating tone of voice.

Simplifying intricacy into meaningful success


My strategy created an intuitive space for Couples and Vendors to move swiftly through a hefty sign up process. We minimized screens, condensed tasks, instilled guidance, and offered users the why behind questions. The final product minimized 50% of total tasks for Couples, 70% for Vendors, and had a 98% successful completion rate.

Usability Analyses & User Testing Sessions

My usability analyses became a process that documented, priortized, and questioned necessary fields, comparing competitors and other factors of cultural propriety using real customers. Data collected during User testing sessions helped address existing hang-ups with Interface clarity, task completion, and overall enjoyment of the user's experience.

The findings were that both user groups felt the onboarding process was longer than necessary (taking up to an hour or more). The screens needed clear guidance in order to motivate users and provide them with a solution.

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